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Ian Peck

Band Leader / Keyboard / Vocals

Ian began playing piano by ear at the early age of zero years old. He has always had a piano or two available to play, because his father is a piano technician. At the age of five, he continued piano lessons for fourteen years focusing mainly on classical music. At 16 years old, he joined his first original band "Noise Choir" which was heavily influenced by The Doors, Radiohead, Frank Zappa and Sun Ra. At 19, he moved to Boston to study Piano Technology. The first few months, he took a break from playing piano. He realized he missed it so much, he dove right back into it, utilizing his lesson base to teach himself. The first song he learned on his own was Chopin's "Fantasie Impromptu in C# minor op. 66." It was inspired by Ron Thal's (Bumblefoot) cover of the song on guitar. Ian eventually helped form his first cover band "Thunderslug." After that, he and some of the members were asked to join the band "Lima Bean Riot" which was in the midst of an overhaul. Over the years, the members built that project into a well known band in the night club scene. He and the members wanted more control of the business aspect and direction of the band, so the entire line up formed the band "Modern Luxe."

Ian plays keyboard- adding any sound that can't be covered by the rest of the band!

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