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Matty Bonez

Bass / Vocals

"I can say without question that my biggest and best musical accomplishment is being in this band with these people right now. I joined in 2011 and have seen the band evolve and grow into something that we are all very proud of. Every time we take the stage at a club, or we pack the dance floor on couple's wedding day - I know that I am part of something special with a great group of professional musicians. I know that the sky is the limit with this lineup and partnering with an awesome agency in East Coast Entertainment. "

Some of Matty's biggest influences in music are Guns N' Roses, Pearl Jam, and Green Day, and it shows in not only his stellar bass playing, but even more so with his energetic stage presence that is unmatched by any bass player in the scene! If you happen to catch us at a live show, you will see what we mean!

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