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    Modern Luxe- We are a a 6 piece, or as large as a 10 piece band when adding on our horn trio and/or violinist. The band is comprised of the most professional, talented, experienced, versatile and endorsed musicians in the business. The entire band brings an unsurpassed energy to the stage. We have a total commitment to providing each of our clients with a perfectly executed event that your guests will be talking about for years to come!

    Our master song list is always growing. Click here to view the Modern Luxe master song list.

    For weddings and private events, check out our booking section.

    Clubs may book the band direct - ModernLuxeBand@gmail.com or 484-374-2839

    Janelle Miller

    Lead Singer

    Janelle grew up in a family of musicians. From the age of 5, she would record herself singing and playing the organ in her playroom. Her favorite music was surely a broad mixture of material, from Paula Abdul and Boyz II Men, to the Broadway songs she heard her mom practicing.

    She grew up in Delco, attended Temple U and studied Language and Int'l Business. She traveled and became an ESL teacher. On her free time she would meet with her music friends in the studio and write original music and feature on other artists' records. Janelle has performed for memorial services and for Miss Delaware and Miss Connecticut pageants. Finally, she was introduced to a great and professional group of guys, formerly known as Lima Bean Riot. She was the co-lead singer for a few years and then jumped on board with the band to create their own project...Modern Luxe!

    Antoine Hall

    Lead Singer

    Antoine is no stranger to the stage or microphone. The multitalented entertainer fell in love with the stage at the tender age of five years old and has been training and perfecting his craft since the age of nine. The Philly native attended a performing arts training program at the historic Freedom Theatre, located on the Avenue of the Arts. Antoine has had the privilege of performing all along the east coast, coming in contact with many artists such as the legendary Stephanie Mills, Keyshia Cole and others. Upon graduating from Temple University, Antoine was introduced to five amazing musicians who were looking for a sixth member. After years of performing with Lima Bean Riot, the lineup decided to part ways with the owners of the name to form Modern Luxe. Antoine is currently co-lead singer of the band and loves giving clients the absolute performance of a lifetime!

    Shawn Christie

    Guitar / Vocals

    Shawn Christie has been playing guitar for over twenty years, and has been fortunate enough to share the stage with some of his heroes, such as Guthrie Govan (Asia, Dizzee Rascal, The Aristocrats) Bryan Beller (Dethklok, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani) Alex Skolnick (Testament, Trans Siberian Orchestra) and 9 time Grammy winners Take 6.

    It all started with Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality.” “When I heard that song,” Shawn recalls, “I knew I had to learn to play.” Shawn was self-taught for the first five years, learning tunes by ear, and devouring every book, magazine, or instructional video he could get his hands on. After years of mimicking the “greats”, he finally realized that he would need some direction to reach the lofty goals he had set for himself. Shawn attended Rowan University for jazz performance. The time spent at Rowan helped to diversify his playing stylistically and was largely responsible for the development of the techniques that allow him to play more of the complex lines he has become known for.

    Shawn is a top notch musician and all around good guy. We're glad to have him on the Modern Luxe team!

    Matty Bonez

    Bass / Vocals

    "I can say without question that my biggest and best musical accomplishment is being in this band with these people right now. I joined in 2011 and have seen the band evolve and grow into something that we are all very proud of. Every time we take the stage at a club, or we pack the dance floor on couple's wedding day - I know that I am part of something special with a great group of professional musicians. I know that the sky is the limit with this lineup and partnering with an awesome agency in East Coast Entertainment. "

    Some of Matty's biggest influences in music are Guns N' Roses, Pearl Jam, and Green Day, and it shows in not only his stellar bass playing, but even more so with his energetic stage presence that is unmatched by any bass player in the scene! If you happen to catch us at a live show, you will see what we mean!

    Zhach Kelsch


    At the early age of six, Zhach learned the basics of coordination, technique, and reading from his dad, who was also a drummer, on his 70's Ludwig drum kit. He continued to hone his craft and gain confidence performing in front of an audience throughout his young life. At age 15, he started playing the local bar/club scene and recording in local studios around PA. A Penn State grad with a Bachelor's in Business Management and Marketing. Zhach continued to tour and record with several bands throughout college. In 2011 his band opened for Bon Jovi and shared the stage with Stone Temple Pilots & Alice in Chains.


    Presently, he drum lessons privately and he hopes to continue to inspire his students, make crowds dance, push himself creatively and grow in his career with Modern Luxe for years to come!

    Ian Peck

    Band Leader / Keyboard / Vocals

    Ian began playing piano by ear at the early age of zero years old. He has always had a piano or two available to play, because his father is a piano technician. At the age of five, he continued piano lessons for fourteen years focusing mainly on classical music. At 16 years old, he joined his first original band "Noise Choir" which was heavily influenced by The Doors, Radiohead, Frank Zappa and Sun Ra. At 19, he moved to Boston to study Piano Technology. The first few months, he took a break from playing piano. He realized he missed it so much, he dove right back into it, utilizing his lesson base to teach himself. The first song he learned on his own was Chopin's "Fantasie Impromptu in C# minor op. 66." It was inspired by Ron Thal's (Bumblefoot) cover of the song on guitar. Ian eventually helped form his first cover band "Thunderslug." After that, he and some of the members were asked to join the band "Lima Bean Riot" which was in the midst of an overhaul. Over the years, the members built that project into a well known band in the night club scene. He and the members wanted more control of the business aspect and direction of the band, so the entire line up formed the band "Modern Luxe."

    Ian plays keyboard- adding any sound that can't be covered by the rest of the band!

  • What We Do

    We have a goal to entertain you and your guests, no questions asked.

    Restaurant/Bar/Club shows

    What We're Made Of

    We are a six piece live band consisting of two front vocalists, male and female. Supporting them are the keyboard, drums, bass and guitar along with backup vocals. We have performed from Maine, to Key West, to Turks and Caicos! Check our schedule for a public show near you!

    Weddings/Private Parties

    Your Reception/Event

    When you hire Modern Luxe, you will not have to stress about any details. Ian, the band leader, communicates with the venue and the couple, to create a seamless and crazy high energy night!


    Ceremony/Cocktail Hour

    Thinking about adding live entertainment to your ceremony and/or cocktail hour? We offer solo acoustic, duos or trios to cater to our clients needs.

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    Modern Luxe 2017 Full Promo Video

    Here is our full promo video for 2017! This video is geared more towards anyone interested in booking us for a wedding or private party. It showcases a wide variety of song styles. Anything from Beyonce to Frank Sinatra and everything in between. Hope you enjoy!

    Modern Luxe 2017 Promo Video Teaser

    Here's a few songs from our promo video! This is a condensed version of the full promo.

    It's Bruno Baby!

    A peek inside one of our weddings! We stay up to date with current songs as well as classics...no autotune, no backing tracks, all live- and we're proud of that!

    Crowd Singing!

    This crowd went nuts at a wedding we played! The ENERGY!!!!!

    First Dance and Parent Dance Songs

    Here is a playlist of some songs we've done for first dances and parent dances.

    These videos shows how we work through harmonies and cuts for special requests!

    Click the 3 lines at the top left of the video to see all of the songs and skip to any that you may want to hear!

  • Booking information

    We are a proud partner of East Coast Entertainment and booked by them exclusively.

    All wedding inquiries and corporate or private parties are handled by the ECE team in the Philadelphia office.

    Please email Kaitlin, Megan or Laura for all booking inquiries, and they will follow up with you.



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